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How To Create An IT Strategy Roadmap

1. Identify Your Business Objectives In order to plan any roadmap, you first need to decide where you are going. In terms of your business, this means identifying your objectives.  These are the things that have been identified as priorities for improving or maintaining your business growth in a digital environment. A good starting point […]

7 Ways Outdated IT Systems Are Slowing Your Company’s Growth

1. Interrupted Workflows And Processes At the heart of every business is a set of daily, weekly, or monthly processes that need to be completed in order for it to run smoothly and efficiently. When something interrupts these workflows, such as an outdated system or poorly trained employees, your business will quickly feel the effects. […]

How To Know If An E-Mail Is Genuine

1. Disguised Email Links Many hackers create fake websites or landing pages to lure in potential victims. They might include a hyperlink within the body of the email and encourage you to click. Spotting a fraudulent link means you can spot a potential phishing scam before getting in too deep. One of the easiest ways […]